• Margaret Rosemeyer

Tips and Tricks to Stay Busy at Home

Throw pillows are everything......An instant update, 

a pop of color & pattern, texture and a super cozy addition!

They're also - theoretically - easy to arrange.

Here's Margaret's playbook for how to style your sofa.


Keep it simple

with two pairs.

Recommended Pillows: 

Pair of 22''

Pair of 20''

Think of your sofa as the canvas and let the pillows paint the scene. Recommended Pillows:

Pair of 22''Pair of 20'' 

Single Lumbar

Start with a symmetrical base in the same fabric, then add in a diverse trio. Recommended Pillows: Pair of 20'' Three 16''


Here's a great example to get you started! Fabulous pillows from Romo!

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