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Living Stain Free

Designers Choice In Fabric Protection


STAIN FREE is a clear polymer that will not change color or feel of the fabric.

STAIN FREE is permanent and resists even professional cleaning.

STAIN FREE resists both water and oil based cleaning agents.

STAIN FREE contains a unique ultra-violet inhibitor that reduces sun fade.

STAIN FREE is eco friendly and safe for kids and pets.

STAIN FREE contains an anti-microbial that protects against mold, mildew & bacteria.

Dries quickly for use in 5-6 hours!

Protects silk, chenille, wool, cotton and exotic rugs.



Upholstery - Bedding

Patio Furniture - Area Rugs

Carpet - Drapery

Call for Free estimate - Concierge Service

(224) 513-5413

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