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Winter Getaway in Paris

Written by: Margaret Rosemeyer on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Bonjour! What an unforgettable trip!

Where to begin...?

I was blown away by the architecture of Paris, keeping in mind that so much of it is from the 14-16th centuries! It was amazing. I was especially obsessed with the colorful, ornate doorways!

I witnessed how Parisians live differently than Americans. They were impeccably dressed with wovens and wools. Oh my gosh, the clothes! The shoes! So classy. They were polite and really took pride in dressing and looking so nice and presentable. 

And oh, how I miss the food! We enjoyed shopping every day at the markets for whatever the meal may be for the day. Croissants, pastries, chocolates. We relished in the meals out in Paris too. The cafés are small, quaint and slow-paced. Parisians really slow down and enjoy the intimate tables with quiet conversations and no cell phones! 

Did I mention the champagne? We had the pleasure of touring 3 different wineries, sampling, and touring the amazing caves of Taittinger. They are beautiful and full of history and folklore. Did you know that ONLY grapes grown in the Champagne region can be considered champagne? 


 I had the privilege of see many new lines of fabrics and furniture and trends. Metallics are big. Green is making a comeback. Leaving the jewel tones of the past behind, there are now shades of light greens and light blues, and also deep turquoise. Plenty of gray as well. The styles I saw were not rustic and industrial, but more contemporary, modern and Scandinavian. 

I perused boutiques and showrooms in St. Germain with Holly Hunt of Chicago, seeing new lines of fabrics from Glant and accessories from Christian Astuguevieille. What a treat! We will be receiving new samples from Paris and Italy soon at Eclectic Design Source, so be sure to check in with us so you can also be inspired and fall in love.

I will definitely be going back to Paris again some day, there is already so much of it that I miss!

Au revior, 


Margaret Rosemeyer

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