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Spring Cleaning & Organization

Written by: Margaret Rosemeyer on Thursday, March 22, 2018

Are you feeling that itch to pack your winter boots and hats away, air out your home, and move on to the next season? Spring does that to us; gives us the desire to purge, clean up, and organize.

Clutter in our homes or offices can resonate into your life, causing stress and discontent. Less chaos and confusion in our homes = more time for the other things that really matter. 

Where do we start?

Some spaces to consider; kitchen pantry, laundry/mud room, home office, closets, and of course, the garage! Even our jewelry boxes can use an overhaul. Maybe you can start in a space that would be the easiest and fits into your schedule... then don't give up, move on from there!

There are many blogs and sources of advice in the internet world to get you inspired and motivated to change our habits. Let's try to be mindful of our patterns and easy ways to start by pitching unnecessary mail right away instead of tossing it on to our counters. Try to also keep in mind that when you bring something new into your house, whether it's a new children's toy or decor item, get rid of or donate something else. This will help reduce the clutter of unwanted things.  

To start, remove items from the space and decide what to throw away or better yet, donate!  You can use a method of bringing 4 boxes into a room and in your mission to declutter, use the boxes to: trash, give away, keep, or relocate. Place each item in the room into one of the categories. Only keep items that you love and still use. (We know it can be hard to let go!) A couple of places to consider donating are Sparrow's Nest Thrift Store & Donation Center which has several locations, and if you have home goods you can donate to Habitat for Humanity.

We hope you are inspired to get your home running efficiently by doing some decluttering and spring cleaning. You will have more time to smile, breathe, relax and restore! 



Margaret Rosemeyer

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